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Handsinks from Hell

A study in what NOT to do.

This collection is designed as a reminder that good intentions can pave the way to hell's handsinks. We are confident that acts of maliciousness were not involved in the original installation design and execution. No kitchen designer knowledgeable about food safety would have specified what you are about to see. Some of these hand sinks were just plain poorly conceived. Others have likely degenerated over time. Many are likely a response to a local code which often reflects the FDA’s model Food Code - stressing the presence of a hand sink, but offering little to guide the specifics and use.

Viewers are requested to add to this collection by sending your favorites for consideration to add to this library. Please contact us.

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Handsinks & Cantaloupes: Bringing The Farm To The Fork

If anyone ever questioned why the Handwashing Only directive is important for specified kitchen handsinks, consider this "poster child" example.

This restaurant is blessed with a handsink perfectly located at the entrance to the prep area. Wait staff pass by it to pick up nearly every order and bussers file by on their trips to the dish machine. But it's a deep sink, perfect for scrubbing the cantaloupes which are heavily used as garnishes from breakfast through dinner in a neighborhood with a full complement of senior citizens.

 Bringing The Farm To The Fork

Two health department reminder posters are not enough to keep staff from cleaning those cantaloups in a task-perfect sink, blocking the would-be frequent handwashers.

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How Far is Too Far

"Yes, we have a handsink." And it is a good one. But its distant location from many key food prep stations minimizes its use. It certainly does little to remind workers to wash their hands.

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Terminal Food #1

This busy restaurant at Chicago's O'Hare Terminal presents quite a few hurdles for potential handwashers among the food handling staff.

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Distant Drying

Although this handsink is crowded by income producing beverage dispensers, its bigger problem is the location of the paper towels.

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