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The Science: Microbes

The microbes get stronger while the macrobes weaken.

Your operation's ability to wage the war against foodborne illness begins with an appreciation of the strength, resilience and mobility of the enemy and the suseptibility of your customer base. With microbes being an important part of our immune system, how do we identify the pathogens? How do we harness the constructive power of science? How does hep A and Norovirus escape the restroom - fecal, hand, oral.

Microbes: The strong searching out immune system weakness.

Unfortunately, this enemy fights a guerilla war, searching out a body's temporary weakness as a zone to penetrate. In the right conditions, heat and moisture, microbes mutate and evolve at an astonishing pace, further resisting efforts to control their impact. Both bacteria and virus can survive weeks on inanimate surfaces, waiting their chance to attack.

Norovirus is the most prolific of the foodborne pathogens. For many years laboratory limitations left our knowlege about this virus in the dark. It was, and still is by many, known as the "winter vomiting disease" in England and Montezuma's Revenge by the at-risk North American visitor.

The attached "BUG" chart provides details on some of the more common pathogens that can inflict their pain and suffering thanks to inadequate food handling practices and poor hand hygiene.

Download BUG Chart (Print on 11" x 17" for easy reading)

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HandsOn™ System

HandsOn System

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SaniTwice for Catered Events

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Teaching Videos

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