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WIN Frequency Guide

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In this section you can use the “WIN Frequency” worksheet to:

  1. Determine the frequency of handwashing per shift for each employee or workstation.
  2. Set goals for individual employees.
  3. Set goals for each shift.
  4. Report to managers and staff

How to complete the Handwashingforlife Self Assessment worksheets:

Download Worksheet (XLS)

  1. Access the worksheet, select "® Corporation's Signol product).">WIN" tab and review the entire content before starting. 
  2. It is best to complete this sheet with the employee present.
  3. Print off a copy to facilitate answering the questions if the employee is completing his/her section on their own first.
  4. Fill in the worksheet on-line since the program will need to calculate the results.
  5. The blanks to fill in are highlighted in green (for management) and pink (for employee).
  6. Before completing the WIN worksheet you will have to complete the SAW worksheet to establish the risk factor for your operations.
  7. Read the comments section on far right of rows for help in filling in the green and pink cells.
  8. The numbers highlighted in blue and red are calculated numbers. Do not type in these spaces.

How to read the handwashingforlife WIN frequency worksheet: The blue numbers in bold in row 58 represents the targeted number of handwashes per shift for this employee. The bold numbers in row 60 display the number and type of handwashes per hour using simple averages based on hours worked per shift:

  • Every employee will have his/her own unique hand wash requirements based on work position and personal hygiene practices.
  • The total risk for food borne illness can never be eliminated but it can be managed at the employee level.

Codes for Columns in Worksheet:

HS = Hand Sanitizing
CW = Core Wash
2CW = Double Core Wash
CW+B = Core Wash with Nailbrush
CW+TG = Core Wash using Tracer Gel

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