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Team vs. Individual Monitoring Solutions

Badge vs Badge-Free

The most successful foodservice operations have learned the value of teamsmanship which can serve them well when adding Handwash Monitoring to their brand protection bundle.

Early experiences with individual monitoring by multiple chain concepts served as a warning to both operators and system developers. Personal identification badges were required and badge management proved very challenging in operations with high personnel turnover. This also brings with it a resistance by unions and others concerned about privacy issues. The intensity of their collective reaction resulted in the development of new team-based offerings.

Helping kitchen teams self-monitor their handwashing rates motivates enhanced behaviors. These aggregate options collect actual handwashing counts at all the non-restroom hand sinks via an electronically enabled soap dispenser such as GOJO's SmartLink which connects to a variety of data processing and reporting technologies. The dispenser numbers are gathered wirelessly, time-stamped by location, totaled, and then divided by the number of employee hours to yield a Handwashes per Employee Hour rate, HW/EH. Tailored reporting can also provide handwashes per handsink, per hour, per unit or per meal served. This can be extended to compare different restaurant locations and be rolled up for an enterprise view.

Badge-free aggregate systems are generally lower cost and easier to install. Managers can finally have objective information to assist in their leadership role without being forced to assume the attitude of the handwashing police. The system can be paperless by posting the running numbers on monitors positioned in the staff's workflow. This HACCP-friendly feature keeps the workers informed and engaged, being the first ones to know when corrective actions are required.

Aggregate systems have proven that they can make a significant difference when properly set up with appropriate C-Suite support and onsite shift leadership. They are a good place to start, provided there is a clear migration path to the individual option should conditions change.

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HandsOn™ System

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Teaching Videos

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