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New Team Monitoring Options Added To Original Offering

Simplicity of installation is a distinctive feature of CloudClean's wireless hand wash monitoring technology. It encourages trial by making it easy to install and use. And it just got easier with the introduction of two even simpler systems with the same degree of accuracy and reliability. This family of innovation is now known as CloudClean's ...

Standard - Team monitoring without requiring identification badges. Full description will follow.

Ehanced - Individual monitoring. Description under development.

Premium - acknowledges the circumstance. Reports compliance ratio to the required behavior. It is the system decribed here and the option covered in this video clip and schematic.

It is based on a combination of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and IR (Infrared) and requires wearing a badge.


In use in the kitchen:


Centrak, the parent of CloudClean, is a leader in RTLS, Real Time Location Systems. Their experience served as a technical foundation on which to develop a bespoke solution for restaurants. Want to know who to reward for washing their hands after using the restroom?

CloudClean Monitoring Schematic

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HandsOn™ System

HandsOn<sup>™</sup> System

5 steps to convert underwashing to under control. Set and track your risk-based ServeReady® Hands and TouchReady® Surface standards.

SaniTwice® for Catered Events

SaniTwice<sup>®</sup> for Catered Events

Uncompromized hand cleanliness for those serving food at venues without running water.

Teaching Videos

Teaching Videos

Globally recognized for their ease of use in any language. Available in DVD and MP4 file download.