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Documenting Surface Cleanliness with Mark 'n Monitor

MarX a new addition to Mark 'n Monitor options.

Mark 'n Monitor is the quickest, lowest cost method of checking surface cleanliness. Are those charged with surface cleaning complying with your wishes and your budgets?

Simply take GlitterBug® tracer lotion and dab, stamp or write a mark on the target surface. Return after the next cleaning cycle and shine a UV light on the surface. Gone or Not Gone? It's that simple.

MarX System is a new alternative. Here a convenient UV stamp, accompanied by a durable and dependable UV light, provides a quick and low cost method to track cleaning and reward success. A report template is attached along with a sample implementation.

For added staff motivation, a log is kept and periodically posted. Once everyone knows that surface cleaning is a documented priority, compliance increases. Surfaces selected for checking can be rotated. Check out the Dirty Dozen prioritization.

The gold standard for surface cleaninliness measurement is still swabbing and lab culturing but delays in getting the results, minimize its impact on training and motivation. This is a strength of Mark 'n Monitor as well as for the ATP/Luminometer method which gives numerical readings in 25 seconds, RLU, Relative Light Units. ATP is particularly helpful in setting cleaning methods and frequency schedules in restaurants. Mark 'n Monitor can be used on a daily basis if ATP swabs and a luminomter are unavailable.

MarX Stamper

MarX Light


Mark & Monitor Audit Form:

Mark and Monitor Form

Download Audit Form (PDF)


Mark & Monitor Audit Form Example: 

Mark and Monitor Example

Download Audit Form Example (PDF)

File Attachment: 
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