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The GuestReady Restroom

How this standard strengthens profitability

Restroom Service ButtonA GuestReady Restroom is perhaps one of the most valuable customer loyalty programs. This small space plays a large role in customer retention. Restaurants don't have to spend advertising dollars to pull the returning customer away from its competitor. Here lies the increase in profitability.

Exceeding guest expectations for restroom cleanliness takes commitment, excellent planning, good training and costs little compared to the financial benefits. Restrooms are low-cost franchise builders and could easily be seen as profit centers. Suggested investments to assure cleanliness and wellness include these critical three:

  1. Automate as much as possible, using no-touch technologies everywhere possible.
  2. Motivate cleaning staff, both employees and contracted help, with measured standards of cleanliness.
  3. Invest in quality to increase reliability and user satisfaction.

One of the best insurance policies is the installation of a "needs service" alert. This can be as simple as a door bell button linked to a quick response manager station. If one of nature's calls got out of control … well, IT HAPPENS! Damage control requires special attention. Nothing is a more powerful franchise terminator than a customer discovering visual or olfactory evidence of vomitus or defecation. 

Restrooms: No one wants to clean them but everybody wants them clean. Your restrooms will never be what your customers seek until you resolve this paradox. Its resolution lies in identifying workers who do actually care, understand the WHY and see the restroom's connection to wellness, including their own. They must then commit to the caring for all users and be rewarded for their professionalism. Besides payday recognition, supplying the crew with best practice cleaning products, paper and equipment is also a meaningful sign that you appreciate their mission critical role.

HandsOn™ System

HandsOn System

5 steps to convert underwashing to under control. Set and track your risk-based ServeReady® Hands and TouchReady® Surface standards.

SaniTwice® for Catered Events

SaniTwice for Catered Events

Uncompromised hand cleanliness for those serving food at venues without running water.

Teaching Videos

Teaching Videos

Globally recognized for their ease of use in any language. Available in DVD and MP4 file download.

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