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Getting Started: The HandsOn System for ServeReady® Hands & TouchReady® Surfaces

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The HandsOn System is a five step risk-based program to overcome the underwashing of hands and the surfaces most likely to contaminate those hands. It is a roadmap to assess current risks, set standards and implement integrated best practices. Its design is to motivate, control and sustain better behaviors. HandsOn is HACCP for hands executed for continuous improvement.


5 Step Pie Chart

The HandsOn System establishes risk-based standards and process control to reduce the risk of foodborne outbreaks. Managers get the tools to assess their risk and implement sustainable solutions in protecting customers, staff and the very business itself.

The Five Structured Steps to Sustainable Solutions

I. Assess Risk Identify and verbalize the risk of the unwashed hand. Rank surfaces at highest risk for cross-contamination.

II. Set Safe Level Standards Establish clear standards for individual and team level success.

III. Optimize Insure the Conditions for Success are in place before training.  If compliance isn't convenient and isn't user friendly, it isn't done.

IV. Educate, Train & Motivate Convert to a culture of cleanliness. This step intoduces best practice tools, techniques and materials to motivate behavior change.

V. Monitor What gets measured and rewarded gets done. Rewarding the good and disciplining the less-than acceptable behaviors are key to sustainability.

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ServeReady Hands


HandsOn™ System

HandsOn System

5 steps to convert underwashing to under control. Set and track your risk-based ServeReady® Hands and TouchReady® Surface standards.

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Teaching Videos

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