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International Clean Hands Week 2018

Please join this annual campaign, sponsored by the CDC facilitated Clean Hands Coalition.  Raise awareness of the dangers of poor hand hygiene. Check out a variety of ideas to improve the away-from-home wellness factor in everyone's life.

Handwashing Imbalance Chart

Electronic monitoring fills the gap of complacency

The diligent foodservice operators are the majority but their years of collectively working without handwashing standards has left a scar of complacency. 

Risk-based Handwashing Pyramid

Facing the culture trap

Handwashing behaviors are primarily driven by a firm’s assessment of risk. 

Risk-Based Handwashing

Process control answers the rising risk

Years of poor handwashing has resulted in it becoming the default standard in foodservice across the country. The management complacency that followed blocks out the visibility of the rising risks. 

Options grow for TouchReady® Surfaces

The annual ISSA meeting continues to demonstrate its leadership in surface cleanliness advances. Some high-tech options this year were in the Generate-On-Site category, including the stabilized ozone from Tersano.

Norovirus (Image used by permission of CDC)

Conquering this enemy is increasingly a matter of choice


Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of three guest opinion columns by Jim Mann in recognition of September as National Food Safety Month.

The Flywheel of Conventional Hand-washing Poster

Data challenges the status quo

Years of unchecked failures in handwashing compliance have quietly morphed into an unwritten operational culture within many foodservice organizations. The truth is now exposed as risks rise and the costs of electronic monitoring fall. Operators are checking their assumptions by installing the new electronic hand hygiene monitoring technologies. Data documents the reality of the gap between the operation’s Mission Statement and the culture identified by the handwashing reality.

norovirus-associated disease rates by age group chart

Hand-washing continues to rapidly move from a tiring and trivial irritation to an existential threat. One restaurant operator faced a federal grand jury subpoena last year as part of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration criminal investigation regarding a major norovirus

Implications of new anti anti-bac FDA ruling

To use or not to use anit-bac soaps is a very minor decision in foodservice compared to motivating staff to wash more often. 

The Outbreak Breakthrough of Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole genome sequencing, WGS, is a new motivator for enhanced high-touch surface cleaning and handwashing in all locations where people are preparing or serving food. More broadly, it is a robust laboratory procedure for the DNA fingerprinting of pathogens. This advancement provides the opportunity to stop outbreaks sooner and avoid additional illnesses by the rapid and accurate identification of the specific strain of a pathogen while lighting the path to its source.

Chart republished with the permission of SRM Inc.

You are invited . . . 

Learn not only about the latest of technology choices in electronic handwash monitoring for Foodservice, but the path to secure the budget and C-Suite support.

Where: The National Restaurant Association’s annual meeting of the Quality Assurance Executive Study Group, October 5-7, at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, http://www.restaurant.org/Events-Networking/Networking-Groups/Quality-Assurance

Health department inspectors feed corporate complacency

Norovirus control demands actual handwashing - not more handsinks, training nor restroom signage.

Bill Marler, founder of the Marler-Clark legal firm, outlines the new food safety risk factors to Jim Mann, Executive Director of the Handwashing For Life Institute.

The SaniTwice® protocol is a special friend of bedridden patients

New posters created to mark 10 years of seeking Food Code approval

The Celebration

Data plus leadership records sustainable gains in handwashing behaviors.

Culture change is often cited as a requirement where hand washing rates need to be doubled to reach a safe level. The Atrio Restaurant in Carmel, Indiana, lead by Chef Peter Fulgenzi, took on that task, challenging his staff to accept their professional role in serving safe food and giving them a measurement tool to verify handwashing without filling in tedious logs.

Electronic monitoring of handwashing reveals the risky reality.

Suspected low handwashing rates are increasingly being confirmed with the aid of electronics. Potential brand damaging outbreaks threaten restaurants and healthcare foodservice but this recurring under-washed condition is rarely the topic of C-Suite discussions.

Fight Bac! webinar carries efficacy message to consumers

Hand Hygiene: Efficacy Update and Educator Tools was the title of Fight Bac!’s webinar where academia checked in on the value of SaniTwice® in water-scarce situations commonly facing the away-from-home public. These include outdoor fairs, sporting events and petting zoos.

Lesson learned from IAFP. Preparation for


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HandsOn™ System

5 steps to convert underwashing handwashing to under control handwashing. Set and track your risk-based ServeReady® Hands and TouchReady® Surface standards.

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SaniTwice<sup>®</sup> System

Uncompromized handwashing hand cleanliness for those serving food at venues without running water.

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