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Surface Cleaning Advances at ISSA 2016

Options grow for TouchReady® Surfaces

The annual ISSA meeting continues to demonstrate its leadership in surface cleanliness advances. Some high-tech options this year were in the Generate-On-Site category, including the stabilized ozone from Tersano.

Variations of electrolyzed water were represented. Tenant has harnessed the chemistry for floor machines and Geneon has optimized its engineered water for portable applications.

There was also news in the Ready-To-Use cleaner/sanitizer category led by a new entry from Purell. It got a lot of attention and interest for its claim of a 30 second kill for norovirus, the pathogen of choice for many ISSA members, especially for those distributors serving nursing homes across the country.

Surface cleanliness measurement was a common topic at three of Handwashing For Life Forum Member booths - P&G, 3M and KimberlyClark.  Shared research shows that measurement of surface cleanliness significantly increases compliance with policy-driven protocols. Data provides a unique source to motivate and reward workers as well as to discipline non-performance.

What gets rewarded gets done. Mission-critical surface cleanliness procedures can not be personally observed and verified 24/7 but by using CleanTrace ATP to convert the presence of invisible organic matter into numbers, workers can be rewarded for their success. Here, three high-performance components, a well-formulated spray cleaner, a strong paper towel and an accurate meter, merge into a simple spray-wipe cleaning process with the final touch being a report of documented success.

ISSA members and The Handwashing For Life Institute look forward to working together to reduce the current level of nursing home acquired infections resulting in 380,000 annual deaths.

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HandsOn System

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SaniTwice for Catered Events

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Teaching Videos

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