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Handwash Training Breakthrough

QualifEYE takes rookies from probation to professional 

The newly available QualifEYE Handwash Learning System is designed for new foodservice employees in both restaurants and healthcare facilities. 

Its creation was inspired by the principle of apprenticeship and the need for new foodservice workers to be safe hand washers from the start. Day One training is an especially important window as it generally features the most valued priorities of the operational culture.

Handwashing For Life’s mantra for handwash training has always been to Visualize and Personalize. QualifEYE multiplies the effect of personalization by providing individual handwash frequency counts during their period of forming a new job-critical habit.

The new worker collaborates in the identification of an individual standard via this MyWIN exercise. He or she then takes The Pledge Of Professionalism to start his or her new job. They are given a temporary personal identification badge to provide feedback on their personal compliance versus their agreed MyWIN, Wash Index Number. Results are reviewed daily for the first week and then weekly for another 7 weeks. Graduation acknowledges their progress by their relinquishing of their learner badge and the joining of their qualified colleagues as true professionals. Sustained positive numbers are rewarded on a team basis via the corporate annual performance review program.

Suggested Actions:

1.   Identify and verbalize effectiveness as well as costs (direct & indirect) of current handwash training.

2.   Agree with Risk Management the risks associated with poor handwashing rates.

3.   Select a foodservice unit and introduce process control for hand hygiene. Establish a base for continuous improvement with Handwashing For Life’s protocol of Pledge & Verify.

4. Create a training effectiveness behavior change module within the handwash monitoring system where new employees enter an 8 week training program wearing a badge acknowledging the wearer as a handwashing apprentice. Celebrate their success once they achieve agreed standards over a predetermined length of time.

Further information is available from Jim Mann, Handwashing For Life, jmann@handwashingforlife.com or Mike Mann, Handwashing For Life Healthcare, mmann@handwashingforlife.com, 1-800-446-3628

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