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HandsOn Moves HACCP to HARPC Handwashing

Risk-based Preventive Control (RPC)

Handwashing For Life’s 5-step HandsOn System provides a path to implement HARPC Handwashing for those looking to augment their HACCP or AMC, Active Managerial Control, programs. It is a perfect drill-down vehicle to take handwashing from prescriptive advice to tailored Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Control, HARPC.

While today HARPC officially applies solely to food processing, it is an analytical process worthy of consideration by other related industries looking to further protect public health and their brands.

HARPC, Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Control, has been advanced as the food processing, foodservice, retail and hospitality industries focus on prevention. It is also the favored direction of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Prevention is clearly cheaper than the alternatives but there are costs to systematize and control the handwashing process. Food industries must all go beyond observation in measuring and reporting handwashing compliance. Yes, training is preventive in nature but without performance measurement, handwashing rates are at a standstill, if not declining under the unyielding pressure of efficiency.

The key point is that HARPC is risk–based. It is a more comprehensive food safety plan with a clearer focus on action and results. Like the HandsOn System, HARPC at its best takes into account behavioral and organizational hurdles, starting with the C-suite and corporate values.

Critics often speak of the USA’s broken healthcare system. Others define our current healthcare position as an “illness/injury management system". In food handling settings, both thoughts are mirrored in handwashing compliance levels. Handwashing systems are broken and the food industry is left with an “outbreak/recall management system". These industries have an outbreak readiness plan. They don’t yet have a plan to get staff handwashing up to safe standards.

Additional perspectives on the significance of HARPC vs. HACCP in light of FSMA implementation are available in this article: http://www.foodonline.com/doc/explaining-differences-between-haccp-and-h...

HandsOn™ System

HandsOn<sup>™</sup> System

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