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Surviving an Outbreak... Maybe

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A successful restaurant business takes years to build and can be destroyed by a single missed hand wash.

“It only takes one person to trigger an outbreak.” 

—Randall Todd, Washoe County Health Department.

A South Reno restaurant, Jazmine, is trying to bounce back and regain its footing less than a month after being hit by a food safety outbreak likely caused by poor hand washing.

Jazmine was ordered closed by the Washoe County District health Department on Aug. 23 after it tested positive for Salmonella. The restaurant, which serves popular 

Asian fare such as pot stickers, dim sum dumplings, pork ribs and sushi, re-opened its doors for dinner on Aug. 29.

Despite receiving a clean bill of health, the restaurant is still struggling to get back customers who have stayed away following the incident.

“Business has dropped tremendously,” said manager and co-owner David Tran. “We’ve lost more than half of our business right now.”

The health department hasn’t been able to trace the source of the outbreak to any particular food in the restaurant, suggesting that the source of the outbreak was an infected food worker.

Two Jazmine employees tested positive for Salmonella. Following the incident, Tran said he and co-owner Quoc Nguyen have stressed to their employees to skip work if they’re showing signs of a foodborne illness.

That advice was just a little late.

Adapted from the Reno Gazette-Journal

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