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MyQ Self-Monitoring of Hand & Surface Hygiene

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Linking Training To Actual Behavior

Self-monitored handwashing is food safety auditing of the highest order but the lowest in actual use. This stems in part from a breakdown between training and the operational realities.

Handwashing For Life believes that the first step in reaching meaningful handwashing and related surface cleaning compliance is the staff's understanding of the expectations of when to wash hands and the high-touch surfaces which frequently contaminate hands. Agreement between the supervised and the supervisor lights the path to improved compliance for ServeReadyHands and TouchReady Surfaces.

Attached is the MyWIN Self-Monitoring Scorecard, outlining the agreement and commitment. It provides a convenient informal reminder while documenting personal compliance - as the individual perceives it. Each team member selects or is assigned a "minder" coach. This duo is randomly asked by their supervisor to execute a MyWIN summary and review results and questions accordingly. Personal audits can be done in concert with other performance evaluations.

MyQ Self Monitoring Form

The primary goal of this program is to reduce the risks associated with poor hand hygiene.

<--break->The secondary goal of MyWIN (wash index numbers) is to pave the way for technology that can help workers maintain the behaviors which are conditions of their employment.

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