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Does installing auxiliary No-water Handwashing Stations make sense for some locations?

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In this practice an alcohol based hand sanitizer dispenser is installed alongside a paper towel dispenser and a waste container. The sanitizer is generously dispensed and rubbed vigorously in a pattern set out in Handwashing For Life's Core Handwash and demonstrated in the Why/When/How video. While still wet, vigorously dry the hands with a single-use paper towel. Reapply the hand sanitizer and use according to the label instructions.


  1. Kyle Clemens
    2004-10-25 @ 4:10:26 pm
    I suppose something is better than nothing. Some schools are using handwipes/gel sanitizers for the children to use before eating lunch. The act of using the paper towel (friction) may well reduce the bacterial/viral load to acceptable limits.
  2. William Gundlach III
    2006-5-12 @ 7:05:01 am
    http://www.safefoodsystems.com Recent science suggests, when washing hands, the difference in using soap and water before sanitizer is simply that in food service you have a food residual fat substance, a protienatious material, left on hands that alcohol based santitizers will not penetrate effectively. Whereas, in just sanitizing hands for medical or non food based cleaning works on bacteria because there isn't a food based barrier in place to inhibit the ability of the sanitizer to work. It is just bacteria on the hands and the sanitizer will be effective in reaching the target and eleminating it as a disease potential.

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